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Small and medium enterprise association

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Since the 60s the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Umbria is active in protecting the interests of local SMEs and represents more than 500 companies and 6,000 workers.


The desire to redevelop the business representation of the area in which we are engaged with courage and consistency , aims to translate the good intentions of which day you read or discussed in activities that may become for our associates reason of pride and confidence .


We desire to build a healthy joint project that has as its protagonist our region and with it, the Small and Medium Enterprises, which are the highest expression of our manufacturing system. We were the first in the landscape association that we have invested in the renewal, introducing a flexible and dynamic business model that has put at the center of our goals companies.


The strong determination to overcome a traditional associative model has led us in 2012 to enter Confimi Impresa, Italian Confederation of private manufacturing Industry, this is an expression of our desire to build an association more modern, less oppressed by bureaucracy and nearest, strategically and physically, to companies. This decision helped us to build confidence with entrepreneurs and then to become a point of reference for competence, professionalism and quality of services provided.


Our mission is to improve the quality of work, competitiveness, consolidate the knowledge of a world rapidly changing business through timely information, training and access to strategic tools that can grow local enterprises and facilitate dialogue with its main institutional partners.